P1 Mind the Gap! Next Hsinchu Station

Location:Hsinchu Bus Station

The railway is a boundary. It effected the city while creating connection. In the“Mind the Gap! Next Hsinchu Station”exhibition, follow the footprints of Hsinchu Monsters, and turn the bus station into a platform where Hsinchu’s past, present, and imagined future, can be explored.

    1. BIAS Architects & Associates
    2. CitiLens Studio

P2 ◦○◯ ground

Location:Circular Plaza

A city of free-style living starting from the Public Line: With 3D“Crazy bubbles”full of air, we say“Hi”to you on the grass! Everyone is invited to climb, sit, bounce, and laugh out loudly, and that’s the game for Hsinchu!

    1. Double-grass

P3 XYZ Play-ing: Hsinchu Swing

Location:Rear Station Scooter Parking Lot

As a gust of wind located in Hsinchu in 2020 Taiwan design EXPO, XYZ Play-ing is the axis that connected city space. With this wind coming, the pavement will be raised up. When the swing comes up and down, the cloth on the installation swings too, free flowing like the wind.

    1. Seed Spacelab

S1 Design Urban Beats、S2 Hsinchu Market

Location:Moat Square(Fuhou Street, Shinchiku Prefecture Library)

“Design Urban Beats”and“Hsinchu Market”are exclu sively curated to match the atmosphere of Taiwan Design Expo and to enjoy different styles of life. It invites major brands that have long-time showcasing design abilities in areas such as lifestyle products, award-winning flavors, original handicrafts, designed publications, cultures, and arts, etc. It gives a grand view of the current design trends in Taiwan, and connects the participating visitors to the skilled Taiwanese creators.