Main Exhibition Area①Terminal Park

T1 The Terminal

Location:Hsinchu Municipal Stadiumgoogle-maps-icon.png

“Computer terminal”is a device for input and output, and also an interface for people to connect to the digital world. The main pavilion is named after“Terminal Park”. By revealing the management system of daily life, seeing the operating context of the city and real-time individual participation, we can turn Hsinchu into a city with active and organic growth!

    1. BIAS Architects & Associates
    2. Ultra Combos

T2 Transformer Box Popular Science Exhibition in Hsinchu

Location:Hsinchu Confucius Temple Squaregoogle-maps-icon.png

The transformer box is used as an information medium to convey“science, life, and environmental aesthetics”, The exhibition presents design thinking ideas and interesting interactive activities to assist the audience in learning the popular science knowledge. Exhibition extended to October 18 (Sun).

    1. AGUA Design

T3 The most beautiful textbook in the world

Location:West Wing of Hsinchu Confucius Templegoogle-maps-icon.png

“The most beautiful textbook in the world”explores the core values of education. The first exhibition was launched at Taiwan Design Museum (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park) in 2018. This exhibition shows a wide collection of textbooks from Taiwan and Japan. By juxtaposing the textbooks of both places, visitors will learn how those countries’ educational guidelines have been implemented.

    1. city yeast

T4 Hyper_Link


Mankind constantly invents technology, and technology continues to change mankind’s life.“Hyper_link”not only represents the button that connects to another page on the computer, It also symbolizes creating previously unimaginatble relations between people, Automatically generating links of unlimited possibilities in all places both visible and invisible.

    1. SimpleInfo
    2. Serendipity Studio


Location:Glass Museum of Hsinchugoogle-maps-icon.png

Within the interaction between men and environment, and balance between demise and regeneration, “THE LOOP”triggers questions and thinking through the perspectives of different people and environment with the trend of sustainability, and explores the possibilities and hopes circular design can bring to daily life by means of organization and compilation.

    1. W Glass Project
    2. JOEFANG Studio


Location:Hsinchu Zoo Gift Shopgoogle-maps-icon.png

Wit the plural form and“have th guts”, which means bold and brave in Chinese, Hsinchu’s multifaceted lifestyle that fuses new and old, diversity, and creativity, is presented. With balanced pace and cost-effectiveness, people in Hsinchu enjoy rapid creativity and LOHAS, making it a young city that is gutsy to take on the legend.

    1. HEY SHENG