Main Exhibition Area②Living Museum

M1 Reopen:Future Reading

Location:Hsinchu State Librarygoogle-maps-icon.png

The exhibition is themed“Reopen: Future Reading.”It invites interdisciplinary artists and teams, including the ones from technology, design, space installation, and light and shadow. The exhibition begins with reading, passes through a long history, and connects the past, the present, and the future. The meaning of reading is reconsidered through contemporary art. The future lifestyles are modeled through the interpretation of artists. Exhibition extended to March 18 2021.

    1. Good Creative

M2 Renaissance of the Windy City

Location:Hsinchu City Art Gallerygoogle-maps-icon.png

Focusing on Hsinchu Old Town’s history, culture, and lifestyle, two exhibition areas,“Boundless Imagination”and“Bordered Life,”are curated. “Boundless Imagination”retranslates city symbols and imagery;“Bordered Life”enables situational experiences of Hsinchu Old Town’s sceneries. “Wind City Reincarnation Station”aims to expand everyone’s imagination of this city.

    1. Join Cultural Integration

M3 ChuChan Training Centre

Location:Datong 108google-maps-icon.png

For hundreds of years, generations of craftsmen in Hsinchu have inherited the techniques of ricepaper plants making,“raden”(which is a technique of inlaying a thin layer of pearl shells onto woodworks) and glass making, etc. In this exhibition, we are showcasing new innovative design fusing, to convey how folk arts are related to craftsmanship and design and ultimately. Together, let us appreciate the delicacy
of Hsinchu. What one can find here are not just beautiful handcrafted works. Rather, they are often perfect marriages of both the great nature’s legacy.

    1. Grand Vision

M4 Pathway to Rice Vermicelli

Location:SJ Housegoogle-maps-icon.png

What would be the first impression when asked about Hsinchu? Rice vermicelli, would definitely be put to the equation. Using a“Design your own”objective method, we invite you to disassemble and then reassemble the taste of rice vermicelli at“SJ House”, the historical building built in 1934, and the first department store in Hsinchu City, to help you evoke the taste pallets, and stir-frying a plate of your imagination. Rice vermicelli is well-known produce of this town not merely because of the rice, but also because of the wind.

    1. Grand Vision

M5 Yu-Le Cinema

Location:Image Museumgoogle-maps-icon.png

Finding the unpolished and unstructured essence of our being oftentimes requires us to reflect back and try to look at things from a child’s perspective, which enables us to reexamine the land we live by and this city with the highest children population in Taiwan. Through watching Taiwan’s animated features and documentaries on the big screen, we remember the stories we once knew of our people and homeland, and meanwhile, plant the seeds of endless future opportunities for Hsinchu.

    1. Grand Vision