In 2018, Taiwan Design Expo was held in Taichung, and explored Future Beyond Imagination of the technology industry; in 2019, we were in Pingtung, showcasing the passionate agriculture of Super South. Unlike the past editions, Taiwan Design Expo 2020 is an unconventional city exhibition that set eyes on the future, brining everyone to Hsinchu, a paradigm city that has introduced “design” to city governance, and used design to turn the city around, connecting the historical memories, spatial landscapes, and life experience, between us and the city.

This is an innovative experience that allows us to physically and mentally log out of lockdown for the “Post-Pandemic Age.”
This is a “Living Museum” that ushers us into the future of Hsinchu and revisit the past of Hsinchu.
This is an exhibition venue and theme park along the axis of the “2-km Walkable City.”
This is a “Cultural Memory” terminal of community engagement that connects dynamic making.

Terminal Park at Hsinchu Park: Where design flows through Hsinchu Park, Hsinchu Zoo, Confucius Temple, Hsinchu County Stadium, and Children’s Park

Public Line along the City’s Walking Corridor: Let’s roam the city together, connecting Hsinchu Bus Station, East Gate, Hsinchu Moat, and Happiness Square.

Living Museum in Old Town Area: We search for the glamour of the old Hsinchu Municipal Government Hall, old markets, old theaters, and Hsinchu Municipal Library.

There are plenty more!
We also have urban dreams of circular symbiosis, technological imagination, and advocation of citizen governance.

We also have the “most-gutsy” stories of century-old shops, crafts, and artisans, that belong to the past and future.

Beware! There will be “Hsinchu Monsters” showing up in all corners across the city!

Let’s advance to Hsinchu!

CHECK in HSINCHU! Come explore the Windy City!